About me

Thank you for visiting my personal blog. All posts connected with translation, interpreting, linguistics and languages have been transferred to my translation blog. You can also check my professional website. Thank you!

This blog is kept as well but some work is still pending. Please check regularly.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet me yet let me introduce myself in brief. My name is Milena Sahakian and I am a native Bulgarian. In fact my father has Macedonian origin but anyway we consider ourselves Bulgarian. I work professionally in the field of languages for many years, not only in multinational but also in multilingual environment . My husband is an Armenian from Lebanon. Due to our work and lifestyle we have been imposed to many languages. This refers to our kids as well. 

Being a linguist, translator, interpreter, copywriter, bibliophile and writer, I am happy to say I consider myself not a citizen of any state but a global person! By the way, I live in Cyprus now – my sunny rescue-island, where I hid myself, far away from the chaotic, overcrowded and under stress Europe.